Council for the Prevention of 
    Child Abuse and Neglect,
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CPCAN Jackson works to prevent child abuse and     
neglect in the Jackson community.

Strong, healthy children are the foundation of a     
successful, productive society. CPCAN programs
are aimed at helping all children grow up in safe,    
nurturing homes. 

Practical, parent-centered programs offer plenty of one-on-one interaction. Topics include child             
development, age-appropriate discipline techniques and strategies for dealing with stress.

Learn more about CPCAN's programs to strengthen families and protect children.

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Report Suspected Abuse and Neglect

Call the hotline day or night to report suspected abuse or neglect. All calls are anonymous.

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The numbers are shocking. More than 100 children are abused or neglected every day last year in Michigan. For the 40th year in a row, one group is encouraging people to be a light in the darkness. Travis Barnett is the Executive Director for the Council for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. "Our mission is to strengthen and educate our community to prevent child abuse and neglect so a lot of what we do is educating the community," Barnett said.  Children in care need a stable environment and there is a shortage of foster parents"Growing up in an environment where, maybe less than desirable, I was able to-- my brother and I were afforded the blessing to be put into a family with loving parents that made sure that we were provided for," Michigan State Trooper Travis Fletcher said. Trooper Fletcher says opportunities to help a child are often overlooked. All children need a safe, stable adult in their lives. It doesn't have to be a parent. It can be a neighbor, or a church member, or a neighbor, or a teacher or a principal. So every single person in the community can reach out to a child and just be a safe stable person in their lives," Jackson Department of Health and Human Services Director Zoe Lyons said. She adds that having people to count on can help kids grow up safely as well as help them become adults who don't abuse and neglect children and that it's important to also be there for parents. Some suffer from substance abuse and domestic violence relationships and when those parents have the support and resources they need, it can help them take better care of their children. For more information on becoming a foster parent follow the link below.

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