Council for the Prevention of 
    Child Abuse and Neglect,
    CPCAN Jackson

CPCAN Jackson works to prevent child abuse and     
neglect in the Jackson community.

Strong, healthy children are the foundation of a     
successful, productive society. CPCAN programs are     
aimed at helping all children grow up in safe,    
nurturing homes. 

Practical, parent-centered programs offer plenty of 
one-on-one interaction. Topics include child             
development, age-appropriate discipline techniques and strategies for dealing with stress.

Learn more about CPCAN's programs to strengthen families and protect children.

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Make a one-time donation in memory or in honor
of a loved one.

Report Suspected Abuse and Neglect

Call the hotline day or night to report suspected abuse or neglect. All calls are anonymous.

CPCAN Thanks You for Your Donations During Our Annual Matched Giving Drive

CPCAN relies on your support to carry on its work of protecting our children. We educate parents, professionals and the public about how to raise the strong, resilient children who are the future of our community.

                  PLEASE consider donating today

Your donations are crucial to our ability to offer the programs and services to protect the children and strengthen the families in our community. 

Please give generously today - because we can not do this alone!

 Purchase a Promise Card 

  For that special child in your life purchase a Promise Card. All proceeds go to supporting our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect. 

For more information contact Travis J Barnett at 
517-788-4239 or email him at

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