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ual Fundraiser!

Save the Date! Join us for a fun
filled evening of dinner and comedy to help protect the children of Jackson County!

Check out this article in the Citizen Patriot on our successful 
2015 CAP Kick-Off event. 

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Report Suspected Abuse and Neglect

Call the hotline day or night to report suspected abuse or neglect. All calls are anonymous.

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    Council for the Prevention of 
    Child Abuse and Neglect,
    CPCAN Jackson

CPCAN Jackson works to prevent child abuse and     
neglect in the Jackson community.

Strong, healthy children are the foundation of a     
successful, productive society. CPCAN programs are     
aimed at helping all children grow up in safe, protected,     
nurturing homes. 

Practical, parent-centered programs offer  plenty of 
one-on-one interaction. Topics include child             
development, age-appropriate discipline techniques and strategies for dealing with stress.

Learn more about CPCAN's programs to strengthen families and protect children.

Kids learn about emotions with CPCAN's "Feelings Wheel"
The CPCAN coordinated the seventh annual Jackson Family Expo on March 14, 2015 at the Westwood Mall. It was great success with 50 families and 104 children registering at this year’s event, but as you can see in the photo below many more community members participated, including over 100 volunteers which helped make it all possible!

Free Classes

Parenting Classes
For families with children 0-5

  Recent Topics 
"Discipline: How to handle misbehavior and tantrums" 
   "Positive ways to strengthen your family"
     Classes, food and childcare are free.

Held at: The Child and Parent Center,
                606 Greenwood Place, Jackson

Call for info: (517) 788-4445 or                                         info@cpcanjackson.org