Who We Are

Board of Directors

Marsha Hamman, Chair
Probation, Jackson Family Court

Cathi Kelley, Past Chair
Washtenaw Child Advocacy Center, Families First

Lance Schnitkey, Treasurer
Controller CP Credit Union

Marina Martinez-Kratz, Secretary
Professor of Nursing, Jackson College

Stephen Conley, Former Chair

Nicholas Butterfield
Financial Advisor, JVB Investment Co

Deanna Leicht
Life Specialist & Insurance Professional

Maribeth Leonard
CEO LifeWays Community Mental Health

Jennifer Sczykutowicz
Foster Care Supervisor, DHHS


Wendy GonzalezExecutive Director

Donita BentleyDevelopment Director

Hattie Oliver, Financial Manager

Travis Barnett, Parent Educator

Corey Duncan, Parent Educator

Rebecca Hurst, Educational Neglect Assessor
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